About 5AM Solutions

What We Do

5AM Solutions is a provider of cloud-based solutions for life sciences and healthcare. For 15 years, 5AM has been a software product developer and system integrator for life science and healthcare customers who were early adopters and providers of genomic technologies. We have offered customers unique methods for leveraging genomics to address the data challenges of integrating personalized medicine into all sectors of health care.

Our software and services facilitate:

  • Integration of data from disparate information systems to target therapies
  • Leveraging virtually unlimited external data sources to drive drug discovery
  • Exceptionally strong management of big data, especially genetic data
  • Collaborations and partnerships that involve sharing proprietary data
  • Privacy protections for patients’ information

5AM employs top software engineers, subject matter experts, repeatable agile processes and software assets built for the domain to produce solutions that are built smarter, delivered earlier, with lower risk and smaller total cost of ownership. 5AM helps customers develop strategy and scope ways to improve data quality, create and integrate tools, and establish trust with their customers and internal teams to:

  • Overcome fragmented Infrastructure and Data Silos preventing seamless data capture, integration, and end-to-end workflows
  • Ensure high availability and high security of quality data in a diverse global and regulated environment
  • Create access to data and incorporate public and third party data sources

Most often, our customers come to us when tackling a problem they haven’t been able to solve or doing something new where our expertise and experience offers the greatest value.

Common among our solutions are:

Data Integration—Large structured and unstructured data sets with billions of entries, from internal and external sources, are growing in size and complexity. While the cost of producing the data is decreasing, the cost and time of integrating and understanding the data is increasing. The result is a stretched workforce, whose best minds are spent finding, curating, and often repeating the practices of others, waiting in a queue for attention to their data needs.

Data Visualization—5AM specializes in helping customers make sense of large volumes of complex data. We design assays and pipelines. We create compelling user experiences driven off data processing, mining and normalization. We empower more users to ask and answer questions currently accessible only via non-scalable resources and specialists.

For more information regarding our data visualization services, click here to learn more about 5AM Sunrise™.

The market for Life Science, Healthcare and Biotechnology software supporting precision medicine is in the billions. The need to curate data as well as repurpose old data will continue to grow exponentially. Precision Medicine will drown the current capability of organizations to incorporate genetic data and clinical trial data. Adding observational data on patients using mobile and wearable technologies and the environment we live in will only exacerbate this issue. 5AM is the first company to provide self-serve data curation/analytics and observational data collection that is combined with genomic sequencing data. This is a primary and necessary step for the success of precision medicine.

5AM is in a unique position with respect to the competition. The precision medicine market is hot, highly competitive and dispersed. Being able to envision and deliver innovation is uncommon. The ingredients include domain expertise, proper planning and controls, software excellence, and reputation. Competition includes Accenture and Deloitte, IBM and Google, InfoSys and Persistent Systems, and Genospace and Syapse, Tamr and Horton Works, MediData and Quintiles IMS. Our advantage includes our engagement model of embedded domain experts, our 14 year track record.

Shilpa Gorfine, Senior Vice President of Operations and Finance - Shilpa has built a highly successful track record of driving innovation and financial success within organizations across the healthcare industry. She holds a Masters in Business Administration and in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics from Brown University.

Brent Gendleman, Founder and Executive for Business Development - Brent Gendleman leverages a diverse, 20-year background in consulting, technology and publishing to advance 5AM’s ability to help customers address the data challenges of integrating personalized medicine into all sectors of health care.

William FitzHugh, Chief Science Officer - William FitzHugh has over 20 years of experience crafting software solutions to interesting problems, especially in the field of molecular biology. Will has a Master of Science in Computer Science from Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Cornell University.